New Year, What’s New for Hair & Makeup Guru

A business card for linda russo, hair and makeup guru.

Ringing in 2017!Looking forward to NEW things with Hair & Makeup Guru 2017 brings new ideas to our hair salon. We launched a new website it allows our valued clients to keep up with Hair & Makeup Guru’s events and latest services and products. It also allows you to view our gallery to get…

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My Nightly Rituals!

A woman is looking in the mirror and putting makeup on her face.

After a busy day at Hair & Makeup Guru I get to come home to my husband and my precious Maltese pups. After watching a little TV, I start my nightly rituals checking my emails and texts with my occasional glass of Cabernet. Then seeing what is the latest things happening in the hair and…

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Why did I want to be a Hairstylist?

A woman getting her makeup done by a professional.

I have been reminiscing lately of why I chose my profession. Memories have been flooding in, I remember at age nine I use to go with my mom to her beautician. Yes, back then hairstylists were called beauticians. She would tell me to sit in this funny looking chair with a large round dome hanging…

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