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Absolutely thrilled with the wonderful experience we had with the hair and makeup artist! My 9-year-old nieces thick frizzy hair had always been a struggle, but Linda did a keratin treatment, it's like a magical transformation. Linda's expertise and care were evident throughout the process, and she made my niece feel comfortable and excited about the change. Not only did they skillfully manage her hair, but she also boosted her confidence and happiness. It's been a joy to see her radiate with newfound confidence. A huge thanks for making my nieces day and giving her the gift of manageable, beautiful hair! Five stars without a doubt.

08.20.2023 · Sharon L

Special Occasion Curls, Bride Airbrush Makeup
One of the best decisions I made for my wedding was to ask for Linda’s help. She did my cut, color, makeup, and style. She suggested everything, including the style, and it was all perfect for me. I couldn’t give higher praise for all her help!! A+++++++++
06.23.2022 · Kate Spiegel

Women's Haircut
I am SO happy every time I leave after an appointment because Linda is quick and efficient. But what’s best is my haircut and styling look SO GOOD. In the days after my appointment, I received so many compliments on my haircut. I also enjoy going to a salon where I am the only customer. I feel so pampered. Linda is the BEST!!
06.10.2022 · Tori Jepsen

Women's Color and Haircut
I love seeing Linda. Been seeing her for a long time. And I Love my hair. Great job every time. Great place to go.
05.25.2022 · Karen Sesso

Women's Color and Haircut
Have been a client of Linda for years. She is an expert w color and changes your hair experiences over time. She is professional, skilled, and progressive, which makes for a great appointment!
05.19.2022 · Sandie Hodel Runtz

Men's Haircut
I have had the extreme pleasure of having Linda Russo, owner of Hair And Makeup Guru, in Park Ridge, as my ONLY hair stylist since 1983. She has ALWAYS made me look good after styling my hair. It is always nice to talk to her while she works, and I feel like I have a friend in her. I would NEVER switch to another stylist. Linda is a credit to her profession. My wife has also used Linda's hairstyling services, and she was also very pleased with her results. -Ed Davis. Friday, May 13, 2022 / 7:47 pm.
05.13.2022 · Ed Davis

Hair Consultation
Linda is TERRIFIC. In just a few minutes of a hair consult, she evaluated my hair and recommended a simple but classy way of arranging it for a special occasion. It was better than I thought my hair could ever look again. She taught me how to do it. I recommend Linda.
05.05.2022 · Kim L

Women's Color and Haircut
Always a great haircut and color! I frequently get compliments for my hair color!
01.29.2022 · Clare Connolly

Women's Haircut
Great visit today! Really like the cut!
01.19.2022 · Annette

Women's Color and Haircut
Been going to Linda every month for years because she makes my hair look amazing, and her customer service is the best! Highly recommend.
11.27.2021 · Gail

The Buckingham, Airbrush Makeup Application, Eye Lashes
Had my hair blown out and makeup down by Linda Russo recently. I couldn’t believe how quickly she did it. She is a seasoned pro. My appointment was at 3 pm. I came a few minutes early but was done by 3:30 pm. She airbrushed my foundation. My first experience with airbrushing. It was so quick and looked so natural. She also put on false eyelashes, another first for me. The ones she did compliment my lashes without being over the top. I am not a normal makeup wearer, but for special occasions, I will definitely use Linda again. I was very pleased. My makeup looked natural and not overly done.
11.14.2021 · Tori Jepsen

Women's Haircut
Wonderful experience with Linda today. My appointment started on time, and she listened to what I wanted after I showed her my pictures. She noticed a few weird things my hair does and knew how to handle it. The final product was exactly what I wanted. I will definitely go back!!
10.27.2021 · Tori Jepsen

Women's Haircut
Received a great haircut today from Linda. We discussed options and what would work for my hair and lifestyle. Love it! Thanks to my hair and Mae up guru!
10.07.2021 · Beth S.

Women's Haircut
Great visit, and very happy with the cut!!
09.17.2021 · Annette Herr

Women's Color and Haircut, Nourishment Treatment
Linda has been coloring and cutting my hair for 7 years. Always great. When I want to make a color change, her suggestions are spot on.
09.03.2021 · Joanne

Women's Haircut
As always, a great haircut! Thanks, Linda!
08.04.2021 · Annette

Women's Haircut
Linda always comes through! Her haircuts are excellent, and her small shop and pleasant presence are uplifting! I highly recommend her!
07.30.2021 · Laura C.

Women's Haircut
07.29.2021 · Sarah Leddy
Prom or Special Event Airbrush M...
Linda is so great at what she does and easy to talk to! She has done my makeup twice for weddings I have attended and always does amazing work! She consulted with me about my outfit, hair, and the formalness of the event before creating a look to match it all! She is THE BEST, and I cannot recommend her enough!
06.28.2021 · Maddie Meehan

Women's Haircut
I have been with Linda forever in a day. She always makes u feel important and relaxed. She'll ask if you liked your cut, color or if you would like something different. She knows her products and is a great beautician. Give her a try!!!!!
06.18.2021 · Urs

Women's Color and Haircut
Always a great experience-personality and haircut!
05.27.2021 · Lois

Special Occasion/Wedding Curls, Prom or Special Event Airbrush M...
Linda was amazing! She did a wonderful job on my daughter Taylor's makeup and hair for prom. She is so personable too! Highly recommend her for any of your needs.
05.15.2021 · Tracey Palian

Prom or Special Event Airbrush M...
05.15.2021 · Georgette

Women's Color and Haircut
I love my new hairstyle and color! Linda knew exactly what to do to give me a fresh new look!
05.07.2021 · Linda S.

Partial Highlight Small Crown, Women's Haircut
04.12.2021 · Jenny

Women's Color and Haircut
Always a great cut, color, and conversation!
04.07.2021 · Clare Connolly

Six Foils For $6 Limited Time Offer, Women Color and Haircut
Very professional in her approach. Took the time to color my roots and add a few foils. Also had a haircut. Very happy with the results! Would highly recommend it, and the prices are reasonable.
03.20.2021 · T. Mueller

Women's Haircut
03.17.2021 · Beth

Women's Color and Haircut
Linda is an artist! I haven't had my hair cut due to the pandemic in over a year. I love my new look! Her studio is super clean. It was great being back, and I look forward to my monthly sessions again!
03.14.2021 · Gail Haller

Women's Haircut
Linda knows style and has the skills to make my hair look great! I’m a first-time client, and I’m very happy with my new cut.
03.13.2021 · Norine

Women's Haircut
Linda had been my hairdresser for over 20 years. She is very knowledgeable about the different types of hair and hair products. She does a fantastic job of styling and making u look like a million bucks. Give her a try, and u won't regret it.
03.10.2021 · Ursula

Women's Haircut
It had been such a long time since we had been in that you had quite a bit to work with! We look great and feel so much lighter 😄😄 Thank you!
03.10.2021 · Annette Herr

Full Highlight, Nourishment Treatment, Semi Di Lino Mud Mask, Women's Color and Haircut
A fabulous "hair spa" day with Linda at Hair & Makeup Guru. Deep treatment, color, highlights, and a fabulous cut--all in a safe and secure environment. I thoroughly recommend Linda's expertise and professionalism.
03.06.2021 · Tricia C.

Women's Color and Haircut
Always great haircut/color, along with great conversation!
02.12.2021 · Clare Connolly

Partial Highlight Small Crown, Women's Haircut
Such a safe environment, along with such skill and care! When your husband notices ...that's really something! Love Linda!
02.11.2021 · Mary Beth

Women's Color and Haircut
I've been going to Linda for many, many years. She has always been current with the latest trends and products. I feel totally safe at her location even though there is a worldwide pandemic. She is very careful in her cleaning procedures. I wouldn't go anywhere else!
01.17.2021 · Lois

Women's Color and Haircut
01.15.2021 · Phyllis C.

Partial Highlight Small Crown, Women's Haircut
Wow! Linda did such a great color, cut, and style! I couldn't get to her earlier, so my head was a mess!!! As usual, she did a beautiful job!
01.06.2021 · Mary

Women’s Color and Haircut
Always get a great haircut and conversation!
12.31.2020 · Clare Connolly

Women’s Single Process Color
Great conversation! Professional and perfect results!!
12.28.2020 · Nur

Women’s Single Process Color
Linda was so nice and easy to work with. She gave great advice for my curly hair. Happy to book another appointment soon!
11.27.2020 · Kate Spiegel

Women’s Color and Haircut
I am always very happy with my haircut and color from Linda. She follows the Covid guidelines, and since there's only one client at a time, I feel very safe.
11.21.2020 · Joyce

Women's Haircut
Once again, a great experience with Linda! Her shop is always clean, and I felt safe during my one-on-one visit as she takes all precautions for her clients. She is extremely talented, and I HIGHLY recommend!
11.20.2020 · Christa H.

Partial Highlight Small Crown, Women's Haircut
Linda does it again! Great color and cut and such a safe environment. Love Linda!
11.18.2020 · Mary

Women's Haircut
Great appointment, as usual. Jim and I appreciate how conscientious you are and how comfortable and safe we feel at your shop. Thanks
11.12.2020 · Annette

Men's Haircut
Linda has taken care of my hair care needs for over 20 years, and she is highly recommended!
11.05.2020 · Paul S.

Full Highlight, Women's Haircut
Safe and gorgeous! Linda is great! Such a safe environment, professional expertise... And I look fantastic!
10.14.2020 · Mary

Women’s Color and Haircut, Nourishment Treatment, Semi Di Lino Mud Mask
Professional, relaxing, and safe experience in Linda's salon. And my hair looks great! Love the new restorative products. Thanks, Linda!
10.01.2020 · Trica

Women's Haircut
Love Linda! Great experience and safe!
09.10.2020 · Mary

Women's Haircut
Linda was great! She’s very sweet, and I got an amazing haircut. I love the layers she gave me.
08.19.2020 · Emily

Women’s Color and Haircut
Always great results w/ my color and cut! Thxs, Linda, for your skill, professionalism, and care you provide to me and your clients.
08.12.2020 · Sandie Hodel Runtz

Women's Haircut
Linda always makes u feel important. She does an awesome job. Her salon is spotless. She wears a mask, and u wear a mask. Can't wait to c u again and make me beautiful 🥰
08.05.2020 · Ursula

Partial Highlight Small Crown, Women's Haircut
Another stellar visit with Linda! She is the best and in a very safe environment. She really takes time and is committed to making your hair look terrific!
08.03.2020 · Mary Beth

Men's Haircut
You should know that Linda's service and charming personality have been key contributors to my visiting regularly for over two decades. Please try her services! You won't be disappointed.
07.16.2020 · PMS

Semi Di Lino Mud Mask, Women Color and Haircut
Another exceptional experience with Linda - fabulous cut and color, plus a deep-conditioning treatment that left my coarse, curly hair feeling like silk! Safe, secure, super-clean, and socially distant. Thank you, Linda!
07.13.2020 · Tricia C.

Women's Haircut
07.12.2020 · Margaret

Tiny Tot Haircut (5yr and Younger)
My name is MJ, and I’m 21 months, and I love my haircut today. It made me and my mommy happy.
07.09.2020 · MJ

Women's Haircut
Love Linda and her personal salon is ideal in these times!
07.07.2020 · Mary

Women's Haircut
Linda Russo always takes time to listen to my concerns... About both my hair and life! She keeps me looking my best and is always pleasant and interesting.
06.30.2020 · Joyce

Men's Haircut
So happy to be able to safely get my haircut with Linda. Having known Linda for over 20 years, I had no doubt she would comply with all the measures put in place due to Covid-19. She met me at the door, where we were both masked. She took my temperature and had me answer a questionnaire. Everything was done by the books, which helped me feel safe and confident in her taking Covid-19 seriously. Linda's studio, no matter where she was located, has always been clean, which is one of the reasons I’ve been seeing her for over 20 years. Thank You, Linda,
06.30.2020 · Joe Ramirez

Women's Haircut, Partial Highlight Past Crown
06.20.2020 · Kathryn Neary

Women's Haircut
Thanks for the wonderful cut!! Feels great and looks great too. I am pleased to say that I had no reservations about coming in for my hair appointment. Always clean and comfortable. Thanks again!!
06.19.2020 · Annette Herr

Children's Haircut (6yr - 12yr)
Linda was so friendly and welcoming. My daughter's hair turned out exactly how she wanted it and looks absolutely beautiful! Linda took all of the Covid precautions, and we felt safe the entire time. We will definitely be going back 🙂
06.19.2020 · Mickenzie

Women's Haircut
Linda is great. She always makes the cut fit the frame of my face, and she dries my hair the way I like.
06.13.2020 · Carla Kotowsky

Partial Highlight Small Crown, Women's Haircut
Fantastic experience with Linda! She is so patient with all questions and concerns. My hair has special needs, and she did such a beautiful job. The one-chair shop is really a perfect fit for these times.
06.08.2020 · Mary

Women’s Color and Haircut
Always a great haircut and color, along with a great conversation!
06.02.2020 · Clare

L'anza Emergency Treatment, L'anza Ultimate Treatment, Color and Haircut
Fabulous cut and color in a professional, boutique atmosphere. (And super safe and clean, following CDC guidelines!) Many thanks, Linda.
03.17.2020 · Tricia C.

Men's Haircut
03.05.2020 · JJ

Women's Haircut
Linda, Is an exceptional stylist who takes her time and wants you to always leave happy.
03.03.2020 · Karen Lowe

Highlight and Low Lights, Women's Haircut
I knew I wanted to try something new with my hair, and Linda delivered. I'm very happy with my cut and color. She also does a fabulous job with makeup. Highly recommend.
01.15.2020 · Kim

Color and Haircut
Linda always provides exceptional service and a delicious cup of coffee! Love getting my hair done by her. The cut and color always look great! I have never been disappointed!
12.19.2019 · Sara

Highlight and Low Lights
Linda does a great job of listening to what you want and remembering the history of prior appointments. I am a fairly new customer and am coloring challenging hair, and she has been really terrific. She's also really nice, and I love her salon space!
12.16.2019 · Debra

Partial Highlight Small Crown
Linda Russo, Hair & Makeup Guru, has been doing my color and cuts for about 10 years and is truly an artist. I love that she goes to seminars and keeps updated on new techniques and ideas. She can match the hair to your face and works with all types of hair using many different techniques. Highly recommend.
12.04.2019 · Gail

Men's Haircut
Linda was great! On top of being very professional and polite, she is also very skilled. It took her no time at all to give me a haircut, and she knew exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend Linda to anyone who is looking to get a quick and efficient haircut/style in the Park Ridge area.
11.17.2019 · Luke

Women's Haircut, Partial Highlight Small Crown
Linda is awesome! I came home from college for a short weekend, and she was able to get me in plus, she did exactly what I asked for and more! Will definitely be coming back.
11.04.2019 · Sarah Stephens

Men's Haircut
I've been getting my haircut from Linda for over 25 years. I think that says it all.
10.30.2019 · Joe R

Partial Highlight Small Crown, Color and Haircut
Linda does a fantastic haircut along with carrying superior products. I love going to her salon!
10.08.2019 · Judy K

Full Highlight, Women's Haircut
Linda does a great job of consulting with me on hair color options and gives me a wonderful haircut. I have used her makeup service for a professional headshot, and it turned out great.
10.07.2019 · Suzanne

Color and Haircut
Linda is Great. I get a color and a cut, and I love it every time. My hair looks great. I get a reminder of my appointment. Great experience every time.
10.04.2019 · Karen Sesso

Acrylic Fill - Hands
Linda is always on time with her appointments. That is most important to me. She does a great job on my hart and nails.
10.02.2019 · Barbara

Women's Blow-Dry
It's always great, and 'my hair looks great!'
09.19.2019 · Carole Harrison

Color and Haircut
I have been a faithful and satisfied Linda Russo client for many years. Her positive attitude, knowledge of the latest products, and professionalism always distinguish her. I also appreciate how much Linda listens and responds to my questions about hair care as well as how my hairstyle has changed over the years. She's a full-service salon experience in a very intimate boutique setting. Completely recommend her!
09.18.2019 · Tricia

Night Out Blow Dry With Flat-Curling Iron
Very professional and friendly. Exactly what I wanted my hair to look like. First time, great experience.
09.13.2019 · Pam

Women's Haircut
Linda is great! She always listens and styles my hair the way I like it. Always pleased.
09.07.2019 Margaret


Linda makes you feel like family. She is kind, patient, and caring, not to mention a top-notch stylist.

My hair is a trillion times better. Thank you so much!!
Holly S